Movement Tip: The Turkish Get-Up
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Movement Tip: The Turkish Get-Up

CrossFit Seminar Staff member James Hobart demonstrates the Turkish get-up. The Turkish Get-up is a fantastic exercise, that you could do with practically any heavy object, although kettlebells and dumbells are mostly used. This exercise provides excellent torso stabilisation and general strength and mobility and is particularly great at addressing any left vs right muscle imbalances. Initially this is a tricky move to get right – at the very least you will feel unco-ordinated at the start. The best way to learn the Turkish Get Up is to count your way through each of the positions i.e.: 1. Seated Position 2. Hips lifted to full extension 3. Kneeling Lunge 4. Standing and then ensure you hit each of those positions on the way down again. For all over benefits it offers, if you were only allowed to ever do one exercise for the rest of your life, this would most definitely be one of the top choices.

Points Of Performance

  • Start lying on your back with arm extended to teh ceiling
  • Use leg on the same side as the extended arm to push into a seated position
  • Free arm braces
  • Opposite leg moves backward into a lunge position
  • Stand to full hip and leg extension
  • Dumbell/Kettlebell remains overhead with shoulder pushing up
  • Reverse steps to return to start position
  • Keep eye on your dumbell/kettlebell throughout, except when standing – then look straight ahead

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