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What Our Members Say

Awesome crew, great atmosphere – want insane results from your training? Go Loco!!

Shane Traynor

This place rocks! Best training couple ever and extremely helpful

Anouska Gothard

Never the same thing twice! Fantastic trainers and suitable for anyone. Awesome OCR class on Monday nights!

Jonathan Bűcky Mace-Kaff

Train the same, stay the same! Loco is different! Everyday!

Marcellus Nickalaus

Paco is the best Trainer, he’s awesome! Dedicated to helping his clients reach their health and fitness goals. I would highly recommend this amazing trainer

Mike McAndrew

I joined Loco HQ 4 months ago. The training sessions that the trainers run test your mind and body and push you to your limit – and sometimes beyond – if you put in the effort. This weekend I did the Spartan Super (14km obstacle race) with another member. When we finished the rope climb while others struggled I looked at the ropes and said “Thanks Paco.” When we pushed ourselves on the uphill sandbag carry but didn’t vomit I thought “Thanks Annette.” These guys push you and make you Spartan ready. If you want to train and get real fitness results and achieve what you never thought possible and STILL have fun doing it, Loco is for you! True story

Tracey Field

Love all the trainers! Hitting goals I never would have, let alone even set, if it weren’t for them. Thanks guys! This gym is also full of awesome supportive ppl who love to see you reach your goals. No other place like it. You cannot get bored at Loco HQ.

Jo Treweek

Fantastic atmosphere, genuine passionate trainers with excellent facilities. If your a beginner or a seasoned athlete, Loco can cater for all your fitness needs, with great care. Love it!

Oliver Tavita


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