Paco Gonzalez

Head Coach

I have been a Coach since 1997 and have loved every minute. My passion is fitness and helping people become the best version of themselves. I have always loved sports and became a professional boxer in my early 20’s. This experience has been invaluable in experiencing what it takes to have disipline and determination to reach any goals you set for yourself.

I have competed in many styles of training for example: run a marathon/triathalon series, Enduro OCR(24hr Races) & now compete in crossfit as a masters athlete representing my state of QLD many of times. I have tried to do as much as possible to get as much experience in different training styles to see what works and what you need. I am a Dad(Papa) of 4 beautiful girls and they are the reason I strive to be better everyday. I work hard to make sure they have a role model to look up to and it is a responsibility I take very seriously. I could rattle off all my qualifications but I think experience far out ways the number of papers you have. If you are determined and want results then I am your man!